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Workplace Confessions Submission 1

Confession submitted by: Red_Thunder_Freak

“Let me tell you about this bitch that use to stay at my house, how about this dirty bitch gonna fuck some whack ass dude from work in my bed and had the fucking balls to be on her period. Wait, she then leaves the house before I get home and texts me that she staying the night at his place. So now my bedroom is smelling like a fish market. I got this real good. After spraying my room with a solution my grandma told me how to make. I grab a pair of knife and cut the area she bled on and put that in a trash bag then grabbed all her clothes and put them in that same bag, sat that shit outside my door with a note: “TAKE YOUR BLOODY SHIT AND GET THE FUCK OUT MY FACE. DIRTY BITCH”. Would I be wrong to tell this nigga she got the clap clap.”


Confession submitted by: Pussy_Eater_GOD

“Yo, I don’t know why the fuck these Faggot as niggas at my job be all in my face. Like, sit yo dick in booty, garden hose sucking ass down somewhere. Not every nigga that says hello is into you. I can’t just be a nice non-judgement guy. I try to laugh that shit off but some of them fruity motherfuckers be really trying my patience. Next one of them twinkle bell mother fuckers touch me I am smack they ass with my girl’s pussy juice and knock the village people out of them.”


Confession submitted by: Dick_Whisper_Master

“So, this guy at my job be acting all hard and whatever, always turning his face up at the gay niggas that the job. So why this nigga hit me up on IG asking me what that mouth do. So, I told him, you gotta experience to it know, so he goesss and ask me what I am doing after work the next day. Currently I’m living with my boyfriend and he got a situation at his crib, so we met in the back end of the parking lot where no one could see us, and I suck his dick when I shift ended. Had this nigga moaning and shit. Is it bad that I know his girl and he don’t know that I know her. Because he told me that she don’t know what she doing, and he be fake moaning. So now we meet up every other Friday in our favorite spot. FYI, he packing for two.”

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