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Workplace Confession Submission 26

Confession Submitted by Hairy_Balls_Midnight

“I work at this retail and I hookup with one of my coworkers, every time we meet up my sweaty balls be deep in her mouth. Doesn’t if I am just getting off from work or finishing a workout, she want’s my sweaty balls in her mouth and that shit be turning me on.”


Confession Submitted by Pussy_Healer_Mage

“So, I talked my gay friend into giving me some dick because I was tired of the wack stroke having ass niggas hitting me up. Ba-by, whoever this nigga is fucking if a champ on some real shit though. Friend had a solid 10 inches and knew how to use it. Made me cum 4 times and then ate the pussy up at the end too. Had me snoring when he was done and told me dead up it ain’t happening ever again. Bitch we fucked about 5 more times until he got a boyfriend. Is it bad that I want to break them up just to fuck him again.”


Confession Submitted by Dream_Fucker_69

“I fuck this chick so good, why she fought all 3 of my baby mama’s and won. Took me to the doctor at gun point to get a vasectomy. It was supposed to be just a one-night stand and now she done moved and picking out curtains for the house. I try to tell her we not together and I woke to a shotgun aim at my dick. Only niggas that give good dick would know my struggle.”


Confession Submitted by CoffeeFlavorPussy

“So, one day at my job I forgot I didn’t have on any underwear. I mistakenly bend down to pick up a pen I down and why my crush come behind me and lick my pussy from the back and tell it taste like coffee. Child, I threw all my panties out and give him his daily cup in the bathroom.”

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