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Workplace Confession Submission 28

Confession Submitted by Military_Brat_Gang

“While my parents were station overseas, I fuck the base Commanding Officer spouse and got pregnant. I lied and said it was with a civilian and gave the baby up for adoption so my parents wouldn’t get in trouble.”


Confession Submitted by House_Chick_Pleasure

“While I work as security guard for this gated community I fucked 20 housewives and got my dick sucked by 2 of the property managers. Everything was good until 5 of them housewives got pregnant. I quit that job without missing a beat, change my number and moved so none of those bitches could find me.”


Confession Submitted by RealMenWork_369

“I found out my wife was fucking some nigga at her job, so I went and had a vasectomy done behind her back. Why 3 months later she told me that she’s pregnant, I played dumb up to the day she gave birth. While she was at the hospital, I wipe out the bank account and moved all my stuff out of the house. I turned my phone off, left her divorce papers tape to the front door along with my vasectomy procedure.”

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