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Workplace Confession Submission 25

Confession submitted by That_Nigga_Strong

“Real talk, I fuck my stepmom 4 years before she met my dad, and we fuck again the day after the wedding.”


Confession Submitted by Spoil_Pussy_Freak

“I fucked my cousin boyfriend because he owed me money, now I am blackmailing dude for twice as much.”


Confession Submitted by Ratchet_Wendy_78

“6 of my family members cause I slept with their man, not my fault their shits trash. Oh and one of them were gay, that was the head banger at the family cookout. Guess the nigga wasn’t all gay.”


Confession Submitted by Savage_Nigga_27

“I lowkey sag my pants cause I like getting fuck by the hood niggas on my block, can’t help it that my phat.”


Confession Submitted by Weed_Dick_Addict

“I got 4 baby mama’s and they all cousins, shit I didn’t know they were related until I see them post a picture with their baby bumps. One of them is married to my uncle, and he fucking their grandma on the low.”

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