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Workplace Confession Submission 27

Confession Submitted by ThatBitchYourWifeHate

“So, I was picking on this dude at my job thinking this nigga was gay. How about I call myself bending over in front of him and this nigga lick my pussy through the jeans. I felt his energy rush through my body. Bitch I ran my ass back into to the building. I wasn’t ready for him to do that, so after work I got his address from one of his friends and pop up at house so he can finish what he started. When I tell you the nigga did not disappoint, he was down there until I cum in his mouth 3 times back to back.” I left his house body shaking and relax.”


Confession Submitted by FuckYourFeeling37

“There this chick at my job who pussy smell like a dead possum that sat out in the sun too long. I mean that shit be hymning when she walk pass me and got the nerve to be bashing other people. What makes it worse is that she look good as fuck, I don’t know how any nigga would fuck with a pussy that smell so bad. One nigga dam near threw up his lunch when she bend over in front of him.”


Confession Submitted by Jail_Master_Lilith

“I work at the county jail and today I walk in on my coworker eating one of the inmate’s ass. I mean dude just got booked and was being process and this nigga was face deep eating shitty ass. He look up at me with face full of shit. For now, on I’m calling that nigga shitface.”

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