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Workplace Confession Submission 8

Confession Submitted by Wild_Nigga_Bill

“There’s this quiet chick at my job, like you hardly notice her there unless she speaks to you. Well I happen to do some over time with this chick and when I tell you shawty is a closet freak. She kept making comments about her pussy and brushing against my dick in passing. I told shawty we can do it right now in the bathroom, hardly anybody was there at the job. She was like, lets meet up after work. So, work ended, and I met her by her whip, we get in the back seat and she pulls out my dick and starts sucking on it like a pro. Then hum on my balls that shit felt so good, without missing a beat she lift my big ass legs up and started eating my ass. At first, I wanted to punch shawty cuz I’m not with that fag shit. Man, that shit felt so good, like she was really licking my ass crack. After she finish giving me head and swallowed all my kids, I hop out the car happier than a motherfucker.”


Confession Submitted by Petty_Queen_69

“So, this chick at my job think she all that and everything, little do she know that I’m the one gave her man Syphilis and he doesn’t know I gave it to him. Now that bitch walking around all stress out and confused.”


Confession Submitted by Wet_Pussy_201

“So, there’s this chick from my last job that I hookup with. She was ok and everything, but I hookup with her best friend later that week. I tell you no lie shorty had that magic tongue and it was pierce. We hookup three more times and then she ghosted me hard as fuck. The crazy thing is they’re in a relationship now and the best friend is still hitting me up, wanting to taste my sweet pussy."

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