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Workplace Confession Submission 6

Confession Submitted by Nasty_Freak_Nigga_69

“I’m a nasty nigga, I eat ass, pussy, suck on titties and suck dick. I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, if I’m attracted to someone, I thinking about fucking them, period. I’m not the type to waste time with small talk or trying to mac game, if we vibe then we fucking enough said. I love giving oral and massages that shit turns me on. I’m the type of dude that would lick your pussy on the dance floor through your jeans and grab you dick in a crowed room. I rock a tongue ring, so motherfuckers know I am nasty freak. Hook up with this chick and she had me tied up while fucking me with her dildo. I fucking love that shit, threesomes ain’t nothing but a warmup. Anyone that don’t like it can go fuck a goat and get the fuck out of my face.”


Confession Submitted by Mrs._Pacman_37

“I am big boy that does drag, so one night I was doing a show at a newly open gay bar and how about the guy that use too bully me in high school was there. He was all out and open with himself, I didn’t think he would remember but he did, and we hooked up that night. This big dick motherfucker fucked my like he was fresh out of jail. He had me in all types of positions and empty his load in me. Now he’s at all my gigs and sliding that dick way every once and while.”


Confession Submitted by Hungry_Pussy_21

“So, I told my boyfriend of 3 years that he can’t fuck, and he tells me that my sister don’t complain. I told him I don’t have a sister and he been fucking my brother. Lmao, this nigga now in the showing crying like a little bitch, I would tell him that it was joke but I just called my sister telling her that he gave me the clap. I’m super petty.”


Confession Submitted by Sugar_Baby_SupremePussy

“I was at my best friend wedding and I fucked her dad after the ceremony, this man had lay the dick down on me. I was not expecting him to be a freak, he enjoyed eating my ass. The next day he flew me to LA, and we went shopping for toys and later that night we use everyone of them. Two days later I got a call from my friend asking me if I seen her dad because her mom is freaking out. I told her nope and hung up the phone because he was face deep in my pussy getting every drop.”

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