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Workplace Confession Submission 5

Confession Submitted by Take_Your_Girl_King

“So, while in College I fuck my math professor’s wife while he was away at a conference. I met her at a school event, and we kept in contact from texting to face timing. The first time we hook up was after homecoming, he went to visit family and she stayed at home. I fucked her all over their house and had her squirting on their bed, and their kids’ bed. Well after the school year ended, he took a Dean position at another school and we haven’t spoke since. I heard she had a kid after they left the school, hope it’s not mine.”


Confession Submitted by Real_Bitch_22

“I work at this restaurant and there’s this chick that I work with and every time I am near her, her pussy smell like dumpster juice. Like the 1st time it happen, it hit me by surprise and I almost threw up my entire life. I had went home and took 3 showers just because I was near this stink bitch. I don’t know what nigga she fucking, if he don’t smell that shit, I’m throwing beach on both of them nasty motherfuckers”


Confession Submitted by box_trap_Queen

“There’s this fine brother that works at my job. I mean brother looks good as fuck, he be flirting and smiling at me. This nigga just don’t know I would drown him with my pussy juice. I be getting extra wet whenever I see this nigga. This nigga knew what he was doing when he hug me, and I be feeling that big dick and its thick too, had my pussy humming. Next time that nigga hugs me, I’m a tell him I’m not wearing any underwear.”

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