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Workplace Confession Submission 4

Confession Submitted by Virgo_Queen_15

“I don’t know how to tell my best friend since day 1 that her dude was on some niggas Onlyfans page getting dicked down. I mean dude was moaning and grinding his hips and shit in the video. Now I came across it from another friend of mines that don’t know my homegirl. Like you wouldn’t think he was that type of dude that takes dick, now I can see him letting a nigga suck his dick, but not face down on a bed with his ass in the air taking dick. It fucked my head up, the video was good overall, I mean they perform well and had good camera angle. I could just blackmail him and get paid for my silence, but that’s my homegirl. I’m a just have too show her the video and hide the knives in the house.”


Confession Submitted by Deacon_God_Chosen

“I have been a member of my church for 10 years, and I have been fucking the 1st lady of the church for 5 of those years. At first, I felt guilty about sleeping with the pastor’s wife, however when she help me through my divorce we fell in love. Now she don’t want to leave him and ruin his image with the church, but I love her more. I just hope that God hears my prayer and shows her that we should be together.”


Confession Submitted by 360_Choas_Goddess

“I know my man is fucking my best friend, so I send both of them anonymous text saying that they been exposed to an STD. Child, I am gagging at them two because now they don’t like each other. He telling me that she is jealous of our relationship and she telling me that he fucking some chick at his job. I’m like dam, what happen ya was close and shit. They just look at me like I’m crazy, I just sit back and enjoy the show wonder who gonna come clean about it. Too bad they don’t know I fuck his brother and her ex, not at the same time of course.”


Confession Submitted by Sister_Night_Wing

“So, I was cleaning up at the church after Bible Study, as I was putting the snacks away, I starting hearing a man’s voice. At first, I thought it Jesus talking me, but then I heard another man’s voice. So, I grab my bible and shouted get behind me Satan. Next thing I see Deacon John and Brother Willey come running out the closet one rubbing his mouth and the other fixing his pants. I scream because they startle me, even though they gonna burn in hell I’m glad they finally came out of the closet.”

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