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Workplace Confession Submission 3

Confessions Submitted by 69_WetPussy

“So, me and dude been having some issues and to let off some steam, I fucked my neighbor husband. Honey, he had that good good and that nigga know how to eat pussy too. This nigga had me squirting like a water hose. I see why his wife is always smiling, he giving her that good D. So now this nigga at my house once a week to give me my weekly dose of vitamin D.”


Confession Submitted by John_LongDick_Cancer

“So for all I know I’m gay, simple right. Well one day over the summer my coworker comes to work wearing this short black skirt, and she thick so you know that shit was even shorter. So out of no where she bends over and I saw her pussy. She had no underwear on, her pussy look so good. I ain’t never seen pussy up close and physical. I saw some online in porn, but this pussy right here was the cream of the crop, it had my dick on brick. Likely I was able to snag a pic without her knowing and stroke to that shit on my car. Now I wanna taste it and feel her walls slide on my dick. Dam that shit look good”


Confession Submitted by Thunder_Cat_Freak

“So, there’s this short guy at my job and I wanna sit my big fat pussy on his face. I be seeing him at work and just be wanting to take him and shove him in my pussy and walk around with him inside. He is so fine and fun size. Short niggas turn me on, they make my wet just thinking about them eating my juicy pussy from the back. One of these days I’m a just walk up to him and tell him to come eat this pussy.”

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