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Workplace Confession Submission 21

Confession Submitted by Dopeboy_Taraus_87

“Peep this, when I was locked up there was this guard that had a crush on me. Every time he did his rounds, he would always stare into my pod longer then usual, so I took advantage of it and fuck with his head. Every time he did his rounds, I would wipe out my dick and start stroking it, while staring at him. The 1st time I did it he stood there the entire time, just watching me, and licking his lips. Soon I had this nigga sneaking in shit for me and the homies. From cellphones to drugs, he did without question. When I got release, he let me crash at his place on the low. Man, this nigga gave the best blow jobs, too man I told the jail what he did, couldn’t have this nigga running his mouth to the streets.”


Confession Submitted by Lotus_Queen_27

“I work maintenance at this prison, so I see a lot of crazy shit. Like how there is a male guard that watching animal porn in the bathroom at night and forgets he’s wearing headphones. Then there’s this female guard that’s post bail for inmates so she can later hookup with them. Finally, there’s a video of a high-ranking officer getting fucked on camera while inform, let’s just say he can sit on an egg plant and not feel a thing. You didn’t hear to this from me tho.”


Confession Submitted by Raven_Scropio_18

“I work as a paralegal and twice a week I give the judge I work under some sloppy head. Oddly enough he’s white, but boy does he have a big dick. I mean that thing is bright pink and shiny. I love hearing him moan when I am sucking on it. I went and got my tongue pierced just to increase his pleasure. I know he’s got a wife at home, but the bitch can share the dick. Hell, I am doing her a favor and taking one for the team proudly.”


Confession Submitted by Badgirl_Pussy

“While my nigga was locked up, I let his homeboys run a train on me, and I love it. They bust all up in my ass and pussy, it felt so good as their nut drip out my ass. He has no idea and on the flip side I fuck his lawyer to mess up his case so I can fuck his friends a few more times before he gets home.”

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