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Work Place Chronicles - Intro

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

This is a story about my time at the Smith & Brothers Accounting firm and let me tell you I was not prepare for the shit that went on here, I am just here to explain what happen and how I ended up in the place I am at now. This journey is broken in the 3 parts “The Shade”, “The Tea”, and “The Drink” each part has its own twist and surprises. I even got caught in some mess along the way and manage to come out on top. I want to you warn that this story will have you gagging, talking to yourself, and wanting more. Now this is a medium size firm with about 75 people working there. This story only involves 30 of the people that work there. Each of them will have a moment of introducing themselves as well as flashbacks to when they 1st started here. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite drink and enjoy the tales of the workplace.


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