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Workplace Chronicles Part 2 The Tea Episode 5


Previously on Workplace Chronicles, Annabell gets her routinely fix from Jacob, Marcus is suspicious of equipment missing. Logan and Tednita exchange flirtatious looks and texts, Rochell having problems with her baby daddy and Frankie is the cause of the rift. This episode begins with Larry meeting Ron in his car as they make their way to a hotel instead of their usual spot.

“You can’t be calling me all hours of the night, I told you, I will text if I wanna meet up.” Ron said

“I just wanted to hear you voice Daddy, I won’t do it again. So, we not going to our usual spot today?” Larry said

“Nah, I wanted to change it up and do something different.” Ron said licking his lips and rubbing on Larry’s thigh

“I play with myself last night after that picture you sent me.” Larry said rubbing against his hole getting arouse.

“Did you, well Daddy’s here to now, and I got a surprise for you.” Ron said

“I can’t hardly wait” Larry said now rubbing on Ron’s dick, feeling it throbbing through his jeans. Once Ron stop at a red light, he took his dick and grab Larry’s head making suck on it on for the rest of the ride. Larry is enjoying Ron’s thick dick in his mouth and even though he been messing with Ron for almost a year he still gags on his dick. They reach the hotel; Larry is a little nervous about the surprise Ron has plan for him.

“Hold on, don’t want you peaking and ruining the surprise.” Ron said putting a blind fold on Larry

“Ok, this must be good, for you to do all this.” Larry said laughing off his nerves. Ron guides Larry through the hotel and to their room. Inside the room was three of Ron’s friends all naked with smiles on their face as Ron brings Larry into the room.

“Ok, 1 … 2 … 3 … surprise.” Ron said taking the blindfold off Larry. Larry was in shock, not sure what to say and how to respond to what is going on.

“Hi everyone, uh ………” Larry said still in shock

“I told some of my friends about you and they wanted to get a taste of you” Ron said taking Larry’s jacket off.

“We all just friends having a little fun, Ron talk so much about you I have to get a taste for myself.” One of the guys said walking toward Larry and giving him a kiss. Larry grabs his dick and begin stroking it. Ron unbuttons Larry’s pants pulls them down exposing his wide shaved ass and begin eating it. Larry was pass around the room with ease, getting fucked by all the guys in the room and having their dick shove into his mouth with no respect for him as a person. Larry tried to speak and let them know when they were being too rough, but they just move his hand out the way and shove their dick in his mouth. The session ended with all the men jacking off above Larry covering his chest and face with their cum.

As the guys got dress talking about how good Larry tasted, he went into the bathroom to wash the cum off. Once in the bathroom he turn the shower on and cried, looking at himself in the mirror. He wash off the dried up cum off his face and chest, his ass was sore from the rough pounding. He finish up and came out the bathroom to an empty room and a note from Ron stating he had to leave for an emergency will text him later. Larry got dress and quietly left the hotel room, once he got outside, he called Brianna.

“Bitch, where you at?” Brianna said

“Girl, I met up this nigga from the app and he left me at the hotel, can you come get me?” Larry said acting like nothing happen.

“Again, bitch you got the worse luck with niggas on that app. Was the sex good?” Brianna said

“Girl was it, nigga came with his A game and did not disappoint.” Larry said

“That’s good, just next time drive your own car so they can’t leave you high and dry. I’m on my way” Brianna said hanging up the phone. Larry gets a text from Ron: “I’m sorry I had to leave you; I’ll make it up to you next time. You still my baby?” Larry bust out laughing at himself

“He lucky his dick big, cause I would so ghost his ass.” Larry said while texting Ron back: “Yes” Brianna arrives at the hotel, Larry hops into the car and starts telling her all about this imaginary dude that ditch him. Brianna goes along with the lie knowing that it’s a lie and not caring enough to want the truth.

Meanwhile at the firm Christina and Jason is talking in the parking lot next to Christina’s car.

“You play too much.” Christina said

“What you mean, ain’t nobody playing no games” Jason said

“Whatever nigga, you coming over tonight or what?” Christina said

“What?” Jason said laughing pulling Christina toward him. “I’m just playing, yeah I be at your crib tonight.” Giving Christina a kiss.

“You joke too much, you lucky you cute.” Christina said

“And my dick big too” Jason said

“Boy bye” Christina said

“You know you want to touch him” Jason said putting Christina’s hand on his dick

“Nigga, what doesn’t turn you on?” Christina said moving her hand away

“The Golden Girls, them bitches too old for me” Jason said grabbing Christina’s ass

“Shut up” Christina said laughing. They kiss again while Jason squeezing her ass.

“Let’s go in the backseat”, Jason said

“OK.” Christina said getting into her car. Jason looks around to see if anyone was lurking around before getting in the car. Jason pulls his pants down while Christina pulls her off. Jason licks his lips and begins eating her pussy. They fuck in the car with the security cameras catching everything. Unknown to them someone was watching the camera. “So, when you gonna break up with your girl?” Christina said putting her pants back on.

“It complicated, but soon tho.” Jason said fixing his pants

“Whatever” Christina said

“Come here, you know I love you.” Jason said

“If you do then it shouldn’t be hard for you drop that bitch.” Christina said

“In time, I give you my word it’s gonna happen and we can be official.” Jason said getting out of the car “I gotta head back to the Office, I’ll see you tonight” Jason said leaving.

“I got something for that nigga if he thinks he gonna play me” Christina said as she leaves her car.

Back in the Billing Office Byron is quickly fitting into his new work environment. Mildred was out to lunch and everyone is busy working through orders.

“Rochell, can you look at this real quick? I just want to make sure I did it right” Byron said.

“Sure, no problem” Rochell said checking Byron’s work. “It looks good to me, send it to Mildred to finalize” Rochell said

“Hey everyone” Christina said

“She finally comes back, I thought you were going to go home” Kathy said shaking her head at Christina

“Whatever Kathy, just mind your business.” Christina said

“I would, but you keep broadcasting yours like a daytime soap opera.” Kathy said, Rochell chuckled while trying to avoid looking at Christina.

“Whatever, Rochell you the last person to be laughing” Christina said

“Don’t come for me, Kathy is the one roasting you and should be directing your attitude toward her.” Rochell said pointing at Kathy

“Rochell, pay that thing no mind. She ain’t going do nothing, all we can do is pray for her.” Kathy said, Christina just rolled her eyes and went to her seat.

“Come on Byron, let’s go to lunch” Kathy said leaving her desk

“Yes ma’am” Byron said locking his computer

“I didn’t know you had a thing for younger men.” Christina said

“Listen here, whore of Babylon your words have no power here. It is my job to protect this young man from whores like you.” Kathy said moving Byron forward in an act of protecting him. Rochell was speechless and just put her head back down.

“You two going at again, I done told ya to cut it out.” Mildred said walking in.

“Mrs. Mildred, I try to ignore that little girl, but she needs to be remind of her actions.” Kathy said

“Regardless how she acts, it’s not always your place to tell her, go and enjoy your lunch” Mildred said

“Yes ma’am” Kathy said leaving.

While Byron and Kathy walks to the cafeteria they have a discuss on what happen in the office.

“Mrs. Kathy, do you hate Christina?” Byron said

“Baby no, I just acknowledge her for what she is.” Kathy said

“Shouldn’t we try to bring her to God and teach her about his love for her” Byron said

“There is no saving her, she refuses to repent and accept the lord and savior. She is only concern about what’s between her legs and laying up with some man.” Kathy said.

They sit down at there usual table and begin eating their lunch. Tyrone walks into the Cafeteria and greets Kathy

“Good Morning Mrs. Kathy” Tyrone said

“Good Morning, Still waiting for you to come to church.” Kathy said

“You still trying Mrs. Kathy, I done told you it’s not for me” Tyrone said

“How do you know if never gave it a chance.” Kathy said

“I have done my research and know that it’s not for me.” Tyrone said

“Don’t believe everything you read.” Kathy said

“Like wise” Tyrone said leaving the area, Byron is somewhat confused by what just happen

“Who was that?” Byron said

“That was Tyrone, the other devil worshiper I told you about” Kathy said

“He doesn’t look like a devil worshiper. He was so nice about the offer unlike Julian who was completely ruin.” Byron said

“Don’t let that foul you, I told him one day that Jesus loves him, and he should embrace that love.” Kathy said

“Ok, what did he say?” Byron said

“The next day he brought a box full of paper, telling me that it’s all the research he did on Jesus and how he’s not real or helpful to black people” Kathy said shaking her head.

“What did you do?” Byron said

“I just walk away from, he just deep in the abyss of blasphemy. “, Kathy said shaking her head.

Tyrone is in the hallway when he runs into Terence.

“Hey man what up.” Tyrone said

“What it do, man. I checkout the information you sent me, some real shit.” Terence said

“That’s what up, glad I can help.” Tyrone said

“Definitely, got a question for you?” Terence said

“Shoot” Tyrone said

“What do you know about Numerology?” Terence said

“Man, I got a book you should read. I’ll bring it tomorrow.” Tyrone said

“Thanks man, I gotta go take care of some things” Terence said

“No problem” Tyrone said leaving as well

At the end of the day Jacolina goes to Ted’s office to talk about something that’s on her mind. Ted was packing up for the night when Jacolina walks in.

“Hey Ted, do you have a moment?” Jacolina said peeping through the door.

“Sir, I got a few minutes. What’s on your mind?” Ted said

“I need to make a complaint” Jacolina said

“We can definitely do that, who is the complaint against?” Ted said grabbing the form.

“Annabell of course, I don’t understand how this woman is allowed to work here.” Jacolina said

“What happen?” Ted said

“I was leaving out of the Billing Office when I saw Annabell walking down the hall, I just politely told to have a good and night, and this woman turns and tell me, ‘I would if you people was on a curfew like the rest of the animals.’ I enjoy my job, but this woman is pushing me pass my limits.” Jacolina said

“That is more then enough, I will send this directly to corporate because that is way over the line. I will stay on top of this and let you everything that happens regarding this. I will say for now just look pass that woman and let me if she does or say anything else. Go home get you some rest and don’t give that woman any of your energy.” Ted said faxing the complaint.

“You’re right, I am stronger then that woman and my energy is too powerful to be giving it away.” Jacoline said walking toward the door. “And Ted … Thanks for listening”

“Your welcome, May I walk you to your car.” Ted said grabbing his bag.

“Such the gentleman, yes you may walk me to my car.” Jacolina said

Jacolina and Ted talks all the way to her car, sharing stories of their childhood and their plans for the future. They discover they had a few things in common.

“Thank you for walking me to my car, that was very nice of you.” Jacolina said

“You’re welcome, just want to make sure you feel safe.” Ted said

“Thank you again, it was nice talking to you, have a good night. I don’t want to take up too much of your time. Probably have someone at home waiting on you.” Jacolina said

“I don’t, so take as much time as you need.” Ted said, they both burst into laughter.

“I hold you to that Mr. Ted, goodnight” Jacolina said driving off

“Goodnight to you too Ms. Jacolina” Ted said walking to his car that was not too far from her’s.

While the everyone is heading home for the night and security is in the middle of turn over with the night shift staff, Sam in his office having an interesting conversation.

“Listen I am trying to get you your money, it’s just taking some time.” Sam said

“I don’t give fucked; you just better have my money, or should I pay a visit to your dad?” Stranger said

“No, that won’t be necessary, I just have to play it cool. Don’t need anyone getting suspicious about equipment going missing.” Sam said

“Better make that shit work, the clock is ticking” Stranger said as they leave the building.

“Fuck,” Sam said, he grabs his phone and makes a phone call leaving the office. Sam has a gambling probably that has got him into some serious mess with a known money shark. He currently owes 400k and has only been able to pay 75K so far. It’s the reason why his father cut him off because his gambling was out of control. He’s been selling company equipment for months and always cover his tracks until the shark started pressing him about the money.

Annabell and Tom is in her office working out their backup plan.

“I can make the changes with these accounts, and your sure that boy was the only one that touch the accounts?” Annabell said change the banking information on the accounts

“Yes, I saw him work on them myself. He understands his place and knows what will happen to him if he don’t play along.” Tom said

“You are so nice to give those people a decent job, maybe they’ll become an up standing citizen for once.” Annabell said

“Don’t hold your breath” Tom said

They continue converting accounts and transferring the money to their hidden account within the company. They both leave separately to not draw attention to themselves, but unknown to them Jacob was watching from afar.

“That’s right bitch make that bulldog work. That’s a good pup.” Jacob said to himself

“You said something” Larry said lifting his head up off Jacobs dick

“I wasn’t talking to you; Did I tell you to stop.” Jacob said shoving his dick back into Larry’s mouth

Tune into the Next Episode of Workplace Chronicles.

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