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Workplace Chronicles Part 1 "The Shade" Episode 3


Mildred Finish the first half of Byron’s tour and showed him where he will be working, Rochell and Mildred showed him how to get setup and how the system worked. Today’s episode begins with Byron coming into work.

Byron is walking into the building and runs into Larry.

“Hey Byron, you looking good today.”, Larry said sizing Byron up and down.

“Thank you. Did you have a good evening?”, Byron said

“It would have been better if I had someone to cuddle with.” Larry replied

“Hopefully you find someone to do that with, see you later.” Byron said quickly leaving before Larry could respond.

“Got dam, I hate to see you leave, but I will watch you walk away. Just one night that’s all I need.” Larry said under his breath, while checking out Byron’s ass.

“Hey boo, what you looking at?”, Tednita said

“The new guy, he got a body on him and booty too. Child, I don’t know what I am going to do with all these fine ass men.” Larry said fanning himself

“Fuck them or at least try too.” Tednita said

“Bitch, you know me to well. Where is Brianna at, I left my charger in her car.” Larry said

“You know she comes in whenever she wants.” Tednita said taking a sip of her drink

“The perks of fucking your boss.” Larry said they both bust out into laughter. Sally walks in barely acknowledging Tednita and Larry who was cutting their eyes at her.

“Good Morning to you too Sally. Can’t stand that bitch” Tednita said rolling her eyes.

“Child, don’t waste your breath on that bitch.” Larry said waving Sally off. Ron, Sally’s husband comes to the door and knods at Larry once Sally was out of sight.

“I’ll be back girl” Larry said, walking toward the door

“You is messy.” Tednita said looking at the door and seeing Ron standing out there. “Slut” Tednita whispers, while Larry walks out the door to hook up with Ron at their usual spot.

Mean while in the Billing Office everyone is busy at work when......

“What is this mess? Christina who is the accountant working on Beauty Styles Salon?” Mildred said with her hand on her head

“Let me check” Christina said looking at the account and then letting out a deep sigh. “Brianna”, Christina said rolling her eyes

“Figures, this is all wrong. That girl don’t know her ass from a pothole.” Mildred said

“Mildred ……...” Kathy said

“My apologies, that girl bring the worse out of people. Byron call Josh and tell him Brianna messed up on the BSS account and has to resubmit her stuff.

“Yes ma’am”, Byron said calling Josh and telling him what Mildred said about the account. 5 minutes later Brianna comes storming into the office

“What you mean I messed up?” Brianna said looking directly at Mildred

“Little girl don’t come up in here like you in charge. You messed up on that order and have to do it over. Rochell show her where she messed up on the order.” Mildred said waving her away. Rochell showed Brianna where the mistakes were made, and Brianna was still lost.

“I don’t see where the mistakes were made.” Brianna said

“Brianna, you put the wrong account number and the billing codes are wrong. You gonna have to do it over and resubmit.” Rochell said pointing out the mistakes

“Whatever, I will deal with it later, and you.” Brianna said turning to face Byron. “Don’t be calling my boss and talking about I messed up something, just mind your business.” She said point her finger at Byron.

“I told him to call Josh, if had done your job, or made an attempt then we wouldn’t have to deal with your mess. Get it done” Mildred said leaning forward in her desk.

“Whatever.” Brianna said leaving and Kathy just shaking her head.

“She flirting with the Devil, with the stuff she doing. I don’t understand these young girls.” Kathy said shaking her head.

“They think they know everything.” Mildred said, Christina rolled her eyes, Rochell phone rings and she answers.

“Hello ……. This is she …….. What happen …….I’m on my way” Rochell said quickly grabbing her belongings. “Mrs. Mildred, I have to go, that was my child’s school, they said my baby is throwing up and has a fever.” Rochell said rushing out the door. Mildred waited for Rochell to leave the office and said,

“Ain’t the dad at home, how come he couldn’t go get the child?” Mildred said

“Better yet, did he knew the child was sick and still send him to school” Kathy chime in. Christina just shook her head and put her headphones on. “Good she put her headphones on” Kathy said looking at Christina. “Byron, have you accept Christ as your lord and savior?”

“Kathy, you can’t ask him that” Mildred said

“I just want to know if he is a God fearing Christian man.” Kathy said

“Yes, ma’am I am.” Byron said

“Good, what church do you go too?” Kathy replied

“I go to 1st Baptist of God.” He said

“Is that Pastor Jenkins church?” Kathy said

“Yes ma’am, you know him?” Byron said

“Yes, we went to school together” Kathy replied

“Have you listen to any of his sermons?” Byron said

“Yes, when was preaching with Minster Berry” Kathy said

“Oh, wow small world” Byron said

“Are you done questioning the man?” Mildred said

“Yes, I am. Also be careful there’s some devil worshipers here. Lord have mercy for they are confuse and know not what they do.” Kathy said putting one had in the air.

“Stop it Kathy” Mildred said

“Devil worshipers?” Byron said

“Don’t listen to her, they are not” Mildred Said

“Yes, they are.”, Kathy said looking at Mildred

“What do they do?” Byron said

“Well, Julian is claiming to be this spiritualist, when in fact she prays to Satan and talking about religion is fake. Blasphemy I tell you. Then there’s Tyrone who claims to look at everything as energy and use science to harness it for his satanic rituals. I know he be sacrificing animals for the Devil.” Kathy said with a look of disgust.

“How do you know this?” Byron said

“I overheard that Julian talking to Tyrone, trying to invite him to one of her satanic rituals.”, Kathy said

“I will make sure to stay away from them; I hope they come back to our father Jesus Christ” Byron said shaking his head.

“That’s just wishful thinking” Mildred said. Everyone goes back to working and Christina is busy jamming to her music unaware of the conversation that just took place.

Jacob is the company’s Sales Manager; he deals with gaining new clients as well as maintaining current clients. His manages Sam, Jacolina, and Tyrone. They are the top salesman across the nation and work hard to keep that. Jacob is an Ivey League Grad, single black man, light brown complexion and bald head. He stands at 6’0 with emerald eyes that attracts the ladies and men. Jacob is openly bisexual and doesn’t hide who he is for anyone. Jacob is one of the few Managers whose office is separate from his staffs. He runs his department like a boss, he experience on the streets selling weed to pay for his education has help to eliminate his competition and remain at the top. He sitting in his office when Tom comes in to have one of their talks.

“Hey, Jacob got a second”, Tom said entering the office. Tom is the Executive Director of the company but at times act as if Jacob is the one in charge of things.

“What’s good with you Tom?” Jacob said closing some windows on his computer

“I got Annabell to make the transfer so we should be good by Friday.” Tom said waiting for Jacob’s approval

“That’s good, also make sure she understands that if this goes well, she see money from this then her annual bonus. I got some new accounts this week so we should be good to make the same exchange next month.” Jacob said getting out his chair to look out of the window.

“Are you sure that no one knows what were doing?” Tom said rubbing his hands together

“You don’t trust me, I brought you in on this. If you want to back out and loose your share that’s all good” Jacob said barley looking at Tom.

“I am not saying that, I was just thinking ………”, Tom said but Jacob had his hand around his throat.

“That’s the problem, your doing a lot of thinking. Didn’t Daddy tell you everything is going to be ok, and if something should happen, we have our scape goat. Okay”

“Yes sir,” Tom said

“That’s a good puppy, now open wide time for me to feed you” Jacob said, Tom open his mouth and Jacob spit in it. Tom lick his lips and swallow Jacob’s spit which gave him an erection. “Is Daddy’s puppy getting excited” Jacob said grabbing Tom’s dick, rubbing on it.

“Yes Alpha …….” Tom moans out.

“If you be a good pup, Daddy got a special treat for you.” Jacob said taking Tom’s hand and placing it on his dick. Tom’s eyes roll back feeling Jacob’s big throbbing dick. “Now go back to your office like a good pup, and no self-play leave that for me.” Jacob said grabbing Tom’s ass, which made him moan again. Tom readjusted himself before leaving Jacob’s office. Tom goes to Annabell’s office to talk to her about the accounts and his conversation with Jacob

“Hey Tom, Did you talk to Jacob?” Annabell said jumping out of her chair. Annabell is a mid-aged southern woman, she carries herself as a southern bell debutante. She is very conservative and enjoys her job because she gets to question the work performance of her black colleagues and there’s not much, they can do about it since she is the compliance manager.

“I told him that our cut should be more being that we are risking our careers.” Tom said

“And” Annabell said

“He agreed, it took some convincing, but he came to see things our way.” Tom said fixing his tie.

“Good, that boy needs to know his place, and we can always turn him in to the police.” Annabell said

“He knows that …..” Tom said

“He better, you are such a strong man that any woman would be happy to marry.” Annabell said smiling at Tom.

“We talk about this, I am not the marrying type.” Tom said

“Just give her a chance, I am sure she can change your mind and bring you some comfort on those long lonely nights” Annabell said

“I have my dog James to keep me company” Tom said

“Why did you name that dog James, is such a distasteful name” Annabell said

“Because he’s black and obedient”, Tom said with a chuckle.

“Clever man, I would have never thought that” Annabell said laughing

“For his sake, this better not fall through over it’s his black ass is in hand cuffs.” Tom said laughing with Annabell. Tom leaves her office and heads back to his office, he look around the hallway to see if anyone was around. He grab his dick and said

“I would never betray Daddy Alpha,” Tom let out a low moan and continue to his office.

In the company cafeteria Brianna, Larry, and Tednita is sitting at their usual table gossiping like schoolgirls.

“Bitch I heard Rochell baby daddy is messing with someone here at the job.”, Larry said sipping his drink

“Bitch you lying, well I heard he don’t think the child is his.” Tednita added

“Oh shit, look it’s Sally ol dumbass, I hate that bitch” Brianna said

“Look she wearing her ‘Ron beat my ass again’ shades” Tednita said

“Oh hell, here come Julian.” Larry said

“Hey, are you interested in having your natal chart done?” Julian said

“My what, what the fuck is you talking about?” Brianna said side eying Julian

“You know a natal chart; it gives a detail layout of your zodiac at the time of birth and how it influences your daily lives.” Julian said

“Bitch that sound dumb ass fuck, what the fuck I look like. I’m a Gemini period.” Tednita said

“Girl you told her” Larry said. Julian runs from the table as the tears form in her eyes.

“She gonna cry in the restroom ya” Brianna said

“Bitch, let’s go record” Tednita said with a smile on her face

“Do it, I wanna see.” Larry said smiling

“Bet, let’s go” Brianna said getting up. Her and Tednita heads to the restroom to go record Julian crying. They go in and can here Julian crying in one of the stalls.

“Girl, I told she was gonna cry.” Brianna said holding the camera

“I don’t care, fuck that wanna be spiritual bitch. Awe, you crying in there you fake ass Taylor Swift” Tednita said shaking the door to the stall Julian is in.

“What is going on in here?” Annabell said entering the restroom

“Nothing mind yo business.” Brianna said

“I sure will mind my business; did you correct that account you messed up on or should let Tom know that you are about to cost the company millions of dollars due to your incompetence.” Annabell said sizing Brianna up and down.

“Girl let’s go It smell like shit in here. Annabell, you got something on your nose.” Tednita said

“Whatever is on my face is cleaner than what’s crawling around in your pants” Annabell said facing the mirror and refusing to look in their direction. Brianna and Tednita leaves the restroom more pissed off. Julian soon comes out of the stall whipping her face.

“Thank you, I don’t know why they hate me.” Julian said

“Excuse me, that was not for you, their kind needs to reminded of their place. And girls like you are just as filthy. There is no we here, you are pure trash darling” Annabell said smiling at Julian and then leaving the restroom

“Keep that same energy when you are the one holding the bag, The things you learn from spirit” Julian said fixing her face and leaving the restroom.

Tune in for next week’s Episode to see how things develop.

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