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Workplace Chronicles Part 1 The Shade Episode 4


Previously on Workplace Chronicles, Larry goes off to hook up with Ron, Brianna messes up an account, Tednita bullies Julian, Tom bows to Jacob’s will and plays the fool with Annabell, Annabell checks Brianna and Tednita and let Julian know how she truly feels. This episode continues with Julian leaving the restroom and bumping into Frankie

Julian walks out of the restroom whipping her face and bumps into Frankie who was lost in her thoughts about the upcoming company event.

“Excuse me, sorry Frankie” Julian said looking up at Frankie

“Girl what’s wrong with you?”, Frankie said

“Nothing …….”, Julian said

“Whatever, have you decided on what you will be bringing to the BBQ” Frankie said ignoring Julian

“Uh, I could bring potato salad”, Julian said

“Ha hell nah, you could just bring cups, plates and that other stuff”, Frankie said walking away from Julian shaking her head. “Potato salad, …. Girl know she can’t cook, I can’t” Frankie said

“Your time is coming soon bitch”, Julian said walking back to her office. Byron is heading toward the breakroom when he notices Julian and quickly looks away. Julian notices it and walk fast following him into the breakroom

“Hey you, what is your problem?”, Julian said

“Do I know you” Byron said

“You look at me like you had a problem.” Julian said raising her voice

“I don’t know you” Byron said backing away from Julian

“You leave him alone, daemon worshiper”, Kathy said pulling Byron to her side “He is a child of God, he don’t want nothing from you” Kathy said

“You, what lies have you told him, probably scared him with all that fake religious crap” Julian said

“The only thing that scares any good black man is the evil between your legs”, Kathy said pointing at Julian pants

“I am not evil.” Julian said walking away

“Come on Byron” Kathy said, Byron sat with Kathy and ate his lunch. Byron had something on his mind and his face showed “What’s on your mind”, Kathy said leaning forward.

“Is it that obverse, well I wanted to ask you a question” Byron said putting his fork down

“Ask away baby”, Kathy said

“Well, how did you meet that girl?” Byron said

“Oh, that daemon, I met her about 2 years ago when she first started here, me being the good Christian woman I am, spoke to the child. They same say I talk to you and this heathen gone tell me Jesus ain’t real, religion is fake and some other nonsense. Just straight Blasphemy if you ask me.” Kathy said

“That is just sad, have you invited her to church.” Byron said

“Yeah, once and she refused. I try again, she will come back to the lord” Kathy said, they continue to eat and not saying anything else about it.

Mean while Tednita is talking to Logan at the front desk and things are getting hot.

“You keep smiling like and I’m a give you something to smile about.” Tednita said

“Oh really, and what that be?” Logan said licking his lips at Tednita

“Sit on that big ass nose” Tednita said

“I bet it smells wonderful” Logan said talking a deep breath

“Just say the word”, Tednita said

“My wife be tripping, now she staying home more often,” Logan said

“Why?” Logan said

“I’m a save my number for you” Tednita said

“OK, what you gonna save it as?” Logan said

“Larry …… (laughs) just playing, I use Barry your new fitness client” Tednita said,

“I will answer as Barry jealous Girlfriend and question her, and then have my brother take the phone try to defuse the situation.” Tednita said

“You done this before?” Logan said

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Tednita said smiling

“Send me a picture, it motivates my workout” Logan said smiling while walking away

“Nasty, I would fuck the hell out of that man.” Tednita said getting up to leave for the restroom to talk a picture of her pussy and send it to Logan.

Mean While Marcus the Head of the IT department is talking with Jason in the security office. Marcus is a light skinned man, 5’10 with shoulder length dread locks. He walks into the security office looking for Jason to discuss disappearing equipment from various locations in the building.

“Jason, you got a second” Marcus said walking in.

“What’s up?” Jason said

“I am noticing some equipment is going missing every so often.” Marcus said looking at his tablet

“What equipment?” Jason said adjusting his seat

“Well, a few of the monitors and laptops that were order last month is no where to found. I looked all over the building and talked with the managers and all of them had no knowledge of the items.”, Marcus said

“Do you have a solid time frame from when the items arrived and when you notice them missing” Jason said

“Yes, I have it here” Marcus said handing Jason his tablet that show the dates. “Got it, Terrence can you look at the camera footage covering the IT storage area around these dates.” Jason said

“Sure, what am I looking for?” Terence said

“Anybody going in and out of it that’s not IT staff.” Jason said

“Thank you”, Marcus said

“We’ll let you know when we find something” Terence said, Marcus leaves the security office and heads back to the IT office where is Julian is busy watching Video-Verse videos on how to do tarot readings.

“What are you watching?” Marcus said

“How to do readings, everyone should have a reading done” Julian said

“I’ll pass, don’t believe in that nonsense” Marcus said waving her off.

“What you mean you don’t believe; it can help answer tough questions and provide insight what could happen.” Julian said

“If you are learning from a video of a complete stranger, then how do you know that you have the skills or talent to do it.” Marcus said

“Because you just know, it’s like a gut feeling that a person gets” Julian said

“Whatever, still don’t believe in it and don’t see myself getting involved with that mess.” Marcus said turning to face his computer

“I’ll will do a reading on you.” Julian said

“No, the fuck you won’t, keep that mess to yourself” Marcus said

“Okay, you missing out on something powerful” Julian said

“Did you prepare everything for the sever update this week?” Marcus said changing the subject

“Yes sir, everything is set” Julian said

“Good, we will go over the steps later today.” Marcus said.

“Awesome. Now back class” Julian said putting her headphones on.

Over at the sales office, everyone was hard at making deals and closing accounts. Jacob was in his office going over some number when Annabell walks in without knocking. Jacob barely acknowledges Annabell’s presence.

“I know you see me standing here little boy.” Annabell said

“I know you saw that my door was closed.” Jacob said pointing to the door.

“I came to talk to you about your staff’s performance.” Annabell said ignoring what he said

“What about it?” Jacob said finally looking at Annabell

“Well, …. It seems that some of them don’t know how to submit a sales form to the Accounting department. Which almost lead to the Billing department …….” Annabell said

“Who made the mistake?” Jacob said interrupting Annabell

“Whoever it was that gave the information to Brianna.” Annabell said

“So, you don’t know who it was.” Jacob said

“That’s your job to figure it out” Annabell said sizing Jacob up. Jacob grabs his phone and calls Jacolina’s desk

“Yes sir, is everything OK?” Jacolina said

“Yeah, have everyone take a 2-hour lunch” Jacob said then hanging up the phone.

“Everyone take a 2-hour lunch.” Jacolina said grabbing her bag.

“You ain’t got to tell me twice. Nigga hungry then a motherfucker.” Tyrone said locking his computer

“You know you at work right” Sam said

“You know you a bitch right” Tyrone said

“Children, it would be best that you go now before he changes his mind” Jacolina said walking in between them leaving the office.

Back inside Jacobs office.

“They are not allow a 2-hour lunch; I don’t know why Tom has you as the Manager because it’s clear you don’t know what you are doing.” Annabell said

“No one needs to hear me put you in your place” Jacob said moving from his desk and walking toward Annabell. She takes a step back.

“What are you doing? I am not afraid of a thug like you.” Annabell said

“It’s time Daddy reminds you who’s in charge.” Jacob said taking his belt off.

“Oh really,” Annabell said holding her ground to Jacob

“You enjoy being punished by a black man, you can talk all the shit” Jacob said grabbing the back of Annabell’s neck and pressing his dick against her body.

“You don’t know how to handle a woman like me, little boy” Annabell said trying to ignore Jacob’s throbbing dick pressed against her.

“We’ll see about that.” Jacob said grabbing Annabell’s pussy and rubbing his middle finger against it. Annabell is turn on by Jacob’s aggression and dominance, she visits his office a few times out of the week just to have him make her feel like a woman.

“What you gonna do to me” Annabell said trying to hold back from moaning.

“First, I give you a spanking for being such a bad girl.”, Jacob said bending her over his desk and pulling her dress up and panties down. He begin spanking Annabell with his belt while pulling her hair. She moans out

“Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl. Spank me harder Daddy” Annabell screams out. Jacob’s office is soundproof so no one outside of his office can hear.

“You love it when Daddy spanks you, You like it when I put that ass in check.” Jacob said in between strikes.

“Yes Daddy, I love it. Give me more, give me more Daddy.” Annabell said now covered in sweat.

“Get on your knees and suck Daddy’s dick, show me how much you love Daddy’s dick.” Jacob said taking his dick out. Annabell got on her knees and starting sucking Jacob’s dick, slapping it against her face and getting it all wet.

“Like this Daddy” Annabell said looking up at Jacob

“Just like that, you filthy whore, let me hear you gag on it.” Jacob said looking down at Annabell, she did as he demand and Jacob then grab Annabell’s head and skull fucked her, making her gag to close to vomiting. “I am about to bust, you readying to swallow Daddy’s load” Jacob moan out, Annabel knods her head yes while spit is gushing out of her mouth. Jacob bust in Annabell’s mouth and pushes his dick further into her mouth making her swallow every drop. “That’s a good girl, swallow every drop.” Jacob said wiping the sweat off his forehead,

“Yes Daddy, it was delicious” Annabell said licking her lips.

“I’m not done with you” Jacob said forcing Annabell to her feet and bending her over his desk again and sliding his dick into her ass.

“Yes Daddy, fuck me hard, I need to be punish.” Annabell moans out. Jacob fucks her senseless and bust his nut all in her ass.

“Now eat my nut and let that be a lesson the next time you think about showing out” Jacob said pulling his pants up and grabbing a towel from his desk draw. Annabell pushes Jacob cum out of her ass and eats every drop of it and then fixes her clothes. Jacob throws his dirty towel at her so she can wipe the sweat off her face. She leaves his office legs shaking and happy that no sees how she look or knows that she is messing with Jacob.

At this time Rochell is having a heated conversation with her baby daddy James, he treats like a door mate and she knows it, but afraid he will abandon their child if she speaks up about it.

“I can’t keep leaving work early, just keep Darrian home.” Rochell said

“Do I look like a babysitter; I got my own shit to take care. Either you at home to watch him or he going to school.” James

“Come on James please.” Rochell beg, while James speeds out of the parking lot. Frankie outside smoking a cigarette watching everything unfold.

“Girl, you better get you man in control, I couldn’t be with no man that acts like that” Frankie said putting out her cigarette

“Mind your fucking business Frankie,” Rochell said yelling across the parking lot as Frankie gets in her car and leaves.

“All mouth and no action, too bad you don’t talk to your man like that.” Frankie said leaving the parking lot, she makes a phone call to a certain man “Hey baby, I am on my way.” Frankie said

“That’s what I am talking, bring that big, phat ass to me now. I’ve been keeping these nuts full and waiting for your juicy pussy.” James said on the other line.

“What about the bastard child”, Frankie said

“Off with the grandparents, and yours?” James said

“With their dumbass father, thank god. They were getting on my nerves.” Frankie said laughing. Her and James started linking up a few months after Rochell started working at the job, Rochell being submissive to James, he freely cheats on her behind her back. Frankie is married to a man that truly loves her, however she is only with him because he takes care of her with no complaints, he caters to her every need; which is why is cheats on him cause to her he is to submissive and prefers a more aggressive man. They meet up at their usual spot and fuck like horny teenagers.

Tune into the next episode of Workplace Chronicles.

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