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Workplace Confessions Submission 22

Confession Submitted by Officer_BigDick_Jones

“So, there I was working the night shift minding my business and this chick comes in for fighting at a club. She looked fine af and had on this short black skirt that just barely covered her ass. She caught me checking her out and she bend over showing that she had no underwear on. After she got booked and I was task to walk her to the other side of the building where she would be housed. So, me and the honey was chopping it up and soon as I got ass away from the cameras, we slip into a closet and got busy. Her pussy felt so good and I bust all up in her. Eventually I got her to the housing and spend the rest of the night smelling my fingers.”


Confession Submitted by LightBright_Coffee_Milk

“Hey man check this, I was night shift security for this retail store. Right, so the manager be tryna act all gangsta and fronting in front of other staff like he about that life. Little do they know when he got lockup for assault, he was eating niggas ass for protection. I mean niggas got done shitting and he was right there to clean them up. I know this cause I use to work at that jail and caught him a few times face deep in shitty ass.”


Confession Submitted by Stg_Mad-Green_Dav

“I run a prison in the deep south, and I run a tight ship, but every once and a while I call a new guard to my office and I suck their dick. I the guards that look like they got a big dick and I suck all the nut out their balls, sometimes I am right and other times I am surprise. There was this one guard that I wasn’t sure about until he came to my office and pulled it out. This 5’4 black as night slim dude had a massive 11 inches in length, 7.5 inches in girth dick. I call him elephant; he was my favorite until he got married and quit.”

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