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Workplace Confessions Submission 2

Confessions submitted by: Medical_From_Hell

“So, let me tell you, I work in the infirmary at the state prison right. Why we had 8 niggas come in with bleeding blister on the lips. Now it took everything in me not to laugh at these niggas and ask them what they was eating. The shit looked nasty; it was like a rotted pimple the size of a nickel on 3 of the niggas. So, the doctor ask them questions to figure what they did to cause the outbreak. How about they all got weed from a nigga who had herpes in the ass. So, the guards had to move the nigga to witness protection so the 8 niggas he infected wouldn’t kill. Now they gotta walk around with ass herpes.”


Confessions submitted by: Pussy_King_547

“So how about I was talking to this shawty and whatever, like we texting and face timing and shit. So last night I went over to her house to smash. I got there house all clean and shit, so we go into the bed and start kissing and shit. I reach my hand in her panties to you know do a quick smell check. I kind you not I felt something move and I jump back, and this bitch had a whole roach come running out her pussy. I’m like yo what are you the Harriet Tubman for roaches, using your pussy as the underground rail round. I almost hit her ass for being that shit. She looking at me like the shit was normal and she wanted to continue. I just left; I can’t even look at this brad the same no more.”


Confessions submitted by: Ambiguous_Booty_Queen

“I am a booty bitch that don’t like little dick niggas, so this nigga at my job kept tryna holler at me. So, I finally hook up dude and give a shot, let me tell you boo boo this nigga was big as fuck and fuck me so good. Like this nigga was eating my pussy and my ass with that thick ass tongue. He was stroking me from the back while pulling my hair and talking aggressive and shit. I like a nigga that can talk aggressive while hitting me with them long strokes. I lost track on how many times I cam that night. Now I am hook on his nigga, I would never thought, this motherfucker would be such a freak. I would give a clue about who this nigga is, but I don’t share good dick.”


Confession Submitted by _Aqua-Phoenix_

“I work nights at a gas station, now you would think that there’s nothing that should surprise me since working at this job. However, a few nights ago this white came in, at first, he was clam and chill. Soon as all the customers had left, this nigga start talking about how he hate black people, calling them niggers and coons. He made jokes about hanging them in front of lawn with a sign saying go back to Africa. Well little did he know that there was a black guy in the bathroom listening to his rant and when this man came out the bathroom and sized up dude. This fool yells the niggers are coming and runs right into the glass door and knocks himself out. The black guys bust out laughing and ask me if I recorded it. Yes, the hell I did and post it on World Star. The black guy left, and I just left the white guy laying and waited until the end of and call my supervisor and told him, so meth head just ran into the door backing the glass.”

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