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Workplace Confessions Submission 15

Confession Submitted by Queen_Shade_Aries

“There’s dumb bitch at my job, she be acting like she new and don’t know nothing. She always in some dude face throwing herself at them. One day she left her computer unlocked and went to the restroom to hookup with some dude. So, I send emails to all the manager calling them dumb bitches and how they suck dick and ain’t shit. Bitch got walk out the building by security and one of the managers was waiting for her in the parking lot to beat her ass.”


Confession Submitted by Barbie_Empress_Squrits

“Check this, I fuck this dude from my job in the backseat of my car. While his wife was at the job working. I know his wife and don’t give a fuck about her. Stupid bitch always bragging about her man sex game, so I had to confirm the bitch’s story and she was not lying. That nigga got the stroke from the Gods, he had me squirting in minutes. I might have to meet up with dude again.”


Confession Submitted by Biker_Bitch_72

“Why his nigga come to work smelling like cheap weed and bad sex, I mean nigga be all in my face smelling like a dumpster. I told him one day that he stink, and this nigga look me dead in my face and said he washes every day. Man, I almost smack the shit out that nigga. Let him come tomorrow smelling like that and I’m a smack his ass with bar of soap.”

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