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Workplace Confession Submissions 24

Confession Submitted by Angel_Love_Freak

“There’s this woman I been chatting with online and everything is going good. We vibing and shit, so last week I ask her if she wanted to meet up for drinks and she was cool with that. We meet up at a near by bar and she was beautiful, so we chopping it up getting to know each other. I ask if she want to swing by my place for a night cap again, she was cool with that. We get to my crib enjoying a few more drinks and she tells me she’s trans. Now I like for real, I couldn’t even tell that she was trans, after she told she gets up to leave, and I stop her and gave the most passionate kiss I ever gave a woman. I didn’t care that she was trans, I mean I was feeling her vibe and I wanted to see where things go with her.”


Confession Submitted by Vally_Doll_Kittie

“I’ve been friends with this guy for 5 years and I am in love with him. His energy is just so pure and authentic, we hang out occasionally and when we do, he treats me like a woman. I have seen him in relationships with other women and they always dump because he’s too nice and caring. Then one day after some drinks and watching a few movies like we usually do I kiss him. He look so puzzled from it so I kissed him again. He quickly grab me by my waist, and we made out right there on the couch. Now since that day he’s been avoiding like crazy me and I don’t know what to do.”


Confession Submitted by Aqua_Wet_Wet

“Let me tell you boo-boo, so last night while working at my security job I see my coworker getting dick down in her car. I mean dude was going to town cause that car was rocking like crazy, at one point I though the bitch was going to tip over. So, I sat in the cut to see the dude when he hop out the car. Girl, you not gonna believe who it was that came out that car. It the homeless man that be begging for change across the street from the job. I threw up my entire life in that parking lot; this bitch claims she only fucking with niggas with money. Fraud ass hoe, out here fucking any and every nigga.”


Confession Submitted by Knight_Rider_Supreme

“I work at the federal prison and every Thursday I titty fuck my supervisor because her husband dick too small. Little does she know that her sister be eating my ass on the weekends. Don’t judge me I’m just trying to keep in the Family”

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