Workplace Confession Submission 9

Confession Submitted by Fem_Unicorn_Queen_75

“I work at this agency and I Jerk off into the staff creamer, because I felt like it and don’t like any of them. I get their cars towed randomly and I have 4 fake accounts that I use to catfish half the niggas in the building. All well I don’t care.”


Confession Submitted by Strg_Mama_Queen

“I was at my child’s school to pick up their report card and see the teachers, and this mom walks in and starts threatening the teacher. Talking about if her child got an F they fighting. The teacher was like bust a move. Child, they got the scrapping and the teacher whip her ass. That shit was embarrassing, she came in popping all that lip and got her ass beat.”


Confession Submitted by Trap_Goddess_$$

“Me and my coworker were applying for this manager position, I knew she was more qualified for the position, so I fucked all the managers that were on the board and got the position. She was so mad, she quit the job and now working at a retail store making way less money. All well she should have stepped her game up.”


Confession Submitted by Supreme_Sex_Goddess

“I’m in bondage with clamps on my nipples and you smacking my ass. I love aggressive dirty talk and having something forced in my mouth. I’m dudes and chicks, pussy gets extra wet with fucking both. I love orgies and role play, come fuck me master tell me I’m a bad girl and punish me hard. I orgasm when a group of niggas jerked off on top of me and shot their nut all over me. It feel so warm and taste so sweet. Foreplay is my specialty and I gets the nut every time.”

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