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Workplace Confession Submission 7

Confession Submitted by Gemini_Queen_Bee

“Me and my bestie are at the club, you know chilling and vibing and shit. When some chick started fighting with her dude. Yo, I mean she was cussing him out, telling his business and everything. Like she was going off, and he was just taking it and knodding his head. Well he grabs a bottle and empties it over her head, then yell out he’ll pay the 1st chick to fuck her up 1G. Shit me and my bestie was already over there fucking this bitch up, security came and broke it up and we walk out that bitch with $500 a piece”


Confession Submitted by _Natural_Beauty_45

“How about this nasty bitch at my job had the audacity to come to work on period and not wear a pad. She had the place smelling like rotten catfish, and she had the nerve to be wearing a sundress. I told her about her herself, and she said she natural and don’t use any pads or tampons. I whip that bitch’s ass like I was her momma, what fuck you mean natural.”


Confession Submitted by True_Side_Vibes_88

“Yo, my manager got the phatest ass, she be wearing skirts that show it off. Yo, one day she came into work with some slacks and her booty was doing walking claps, like them cheeks were shaking to the beat of their own drum. I just want her to sit on my face so I can smell it.”


Confession Submitted by Black_Strong_Dick

“My girl been tripping lately, so I’ve been getting my sucked from her brother. That nigga knows how to suck a dick, he gets it all wet and sloppy. Slapping the head against his face. When I bust that nigga swallows every drop. I don’t even stress when she refuse to give me some head anymore. She’s not that good at it anyway.”

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