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Workplace Confession Submission 23

Confession Submitted by Skull_Queen_Aires

“I work at the unemployment office and last week I fuck my co-worker. Now, dude knew how to do some things especially eating pussy. The dude is trans which is not a problem for because dick is dick and homeboy had it. He has no tattoos; is real clean cut and shit, He was so nice after we had finish. Dude even made me breakfast; I never had a guy do that for me. My dilemma is that I had a crush on him before we hookup and now I don’t know how I’m going to tell him that I want to be more than just a hookup.”


Confession Submitted by _Bitter_Bitch_Wendrulyna

“While I was in the military, I let my Commanding Officer along with 3 other officers run a train one me, so I can get my orders switch to Hong Kong. Turns out the person that originally had them orders had already move his family to Hong Kong, all well not my problem. I was not going to the east coast and that’s on everything.”


Confession Submitted by Dick_Master_Fuji

“I work in this bail bonds office and little does my boss know that I be fucking the inmate’s wives as a form of bond payment long as dude shows up for court. However, they always fail to show up, and when that happens them wives be under my desk swallowing my kids. Just too bad that I give them niggas the wrong date on purpose which makes them fold on their bail. One chick lost her car over it, too bad for her.”


Confession Submitted by Larry_PussyEater_Green

“There I was, stroking my dick before work and my roommate comes banging on my door asking if I can give him a ride to work. Forgetting who my roommate was I told him yeah after he suck my dick. So, this joker barge into my room pull my big ass to the edge of the bed and suck my dick with a two-hand stroke. I never bust so hard in my life, had a nigga toes curling and everything. Needless to say, I gave that nigga a ride to work for the rest of the week and added a padlock to my room door.”

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