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Workplace Confession Submission 20

Confession Submitted by Swagger_Aires_Dude

“I work at this prison as the IT specialist and I been fucking this Major’s wife while he at work. I met her on a hookup app, and I’ve been busting that pussy wide open. Got that bitch swallowing all my nut and bathing in my piss. She is a wild kinky as board and I’m treating her like a cum bucket, she don’t cum until I tell her too. Every time I see that motherfucker, I shake his hand with the same hand I stuck up her ass.”


Confession Submitted by Cat_Lover_J

“I met this guy at the prison I worked at and everything was cool at first until this send me a dick pic. Why the fuck that thing look like a Vienna sausage and he posing in the picture like that thing huge. I felt so disrespected by the audacity this nigga when he sent that picture. I told that nigga to lose my number, and I guess that must have hurt his little feeling, so recently he been acting like a real bitch and everything. So, I send his pic to all the other female guard at the job and post that shit online. Treat that nigga to try and play me.”


Confession Submitted by Savage_Nigga_27

“I don’t care how anyone feel about this, but at the federal prison I use to work at, I gave about 8 females and 3 dudes the clap before I left. Them motherfucker had spread rumors about me, and the crazy thing is I didn’t fuck none of them. I just gave to the nigga they was all fucking, jokes on them. Fuck them fake ass bitches.”

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