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Workplace Confession Submission 19

Confession Submitted by Sailor_Virgo_21

“I am in love with Tsume from Wolf’s Rain, he is so fine to me. He got that bad boy persona and a kind heart. I masturbate to his pictures every night, just thinking about his hands touching my body makes my nipples hard. Before ya start talking that bullshit I know his character is a wolf, but I am only thinking about the human form of Tsume and in my fantasy he is all human with a dick of pure pleasure. I used to fuck this dude cause his name was literally Tsume, but he was no Tsume. So, I dump him and will continue to fuck Tsume in my dreams.”


Confession Submitted by Yagami_Suck_Dick

“I hate the character Yagami so much, he was just so cocky and arrogant. His arrogance is what got him caught so easily, such a dumbass. There was this guy at my job that love Yagami so much, he had his picture on his desk and as the background of his phone. He even had a Yagami figurine made, I was so annoyed that I took the dam thing and tied a rope around it to make it look like he hung himself. I even made an obituary for Yagami and had it tape to the guy’s desk. He was so upset that he quit and ran out the building crying. Puck as bitch, that would teach him to love a dumbass character.”


Confession Submitted by Anime_Freak_24

“I love anime, I watch it every chance I get. I only watch the original version with the subtitles and sometimes without the subtitles. I have pictures of anime characters on my wall like their family. I was watching one of my favorite series and every time I get to the part where one of my favorite character dies I shutdown from the world and morn their death. I only talk to people that watches anime and I sometimes dress up as an anime character and pretend I am that character.”

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