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Workplace Confession Submission 18

Confession Submitted by Dark_God_Nebus

“I was dating this chic and I was really falling for and she go and cheat on me with some wack ass nigga. I hated her so much and still do, so I did a ritual to bound her to the nigga she cheated on me with. I put lots of energy with that ritual, I did it because I knew that nigga didn’t want her and was not met to be with her long term. Now that they were bounded, he is fucking her life up and treating her like complete shit. I don’t regret it and hopes he breaks her soul into thousand pieces.”


Confession Submitted by Sweet_Apple_Empress

“I am a manager at a retail store and there’s this dude that constantly comes to the store just to buy one thing and then leaves. He is ok looking, but not someone I would notice in a crowd. Well one night I was closing the store and like usual he shows up to buy one item, well this time he was wearing some gray sweatpants and girrllll that nigga was packing, packing that thing look like an elephant trunk. I tried my best not to stare but the thing was just there for the world to see. So, it just so happen he wanted to try on some sweatpants. Child that curtain had an opening and my nosey ass peak through it and saw how big that dick was, and I dam near scream. He came running out of the fitting area with only his box briefs on. My eyes was glued, and he took it out and my mouth fell on it and I couldn’t even get half of it in my mouth cause it was so big. I gave that nigga the best two hand stroke he ever had. The next day he brought half the dam store and had a big ass smile on his face as he left.”


Confession Submitted by Crown_Bling_Bae

“My boyfriend broke up with me for some chic at his job, and I really loved him. So, I search online for ways to get him back, I found a guy that does those ritual things. I hit him up and told him my story, he told me he could bring my dude back to me for $400. I paid him and in less than a week later he came banging at my door telling me misses me and I am his soulmate. He’s been glue to me since then and would breakdown whenever I leave him to go to work or to the store. I am truly bless because I got my man back.”

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