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Workplace Confession Submission 17

Confession Submitted By Peace_Blossom_Freak

“There I was sucking this nigga dick, shit had to be close to 10 inches and shit. This nigga work security at my job but fuck all that, let me tell you everything was going good. Had this nigga moaning real loud, I even let him grab my head and fuck the shit out of my mouth. His dick was drench with my spit, that dick felt so good going in my mouth. I had to use two hands to stroke that motherfucker, when that nigga finally nutted, I was all ready to swallow this nigga’s load. Until that shit hit my tongue and I thought I was going to die. That shit was so bitter, I threw all over him and it smell like vinegar which made it worse. I had to run in my bathroom and brush my tongue several times and hold mouth waste in my mouth for 5 minutes just to get the taste out of my mouth. I threw that nigga shit out my window and told him to walk home naked. On top of that when the nigga was outside trying to pick up his clothes, I threw a bag fill with my vomit at him. So now he can smell just like his sour cum”


Confession Submitted By Dick_Flavor_Henny

“I love a nigga who drinks nothing but Henny, I mean to kiss him, and I can still taste it in his mouth makes my pussy went. My ex was a serious Henny drinker and that nigga knew how to hold his liquor. He can finish a whole 30 oz bottle without breaking a sweat. I fell for that nigga the 1st time I suck his dick and his cum tasted like warm Henny going down my throat. He fuck up and let some dumb bitch talk him into trying vodka, and he never tasted the same ever again, so I drop him and started fucking his friend who is a true Henny drinker.”


Confession Submitted by Queen_Petty_Realness

“I am usually a nice person, however there’s this chic at my job that has been working my last nerves. She always got something smart to say and when I check her on that shit, she act dumb as fuck. I try my best to avoid and ignore this bitch, but she just keeps popping up talking that same ol bullshit. So, I got her dude’s number from my homeboy that supplies him weed, and text that nigga for a week straight. Sending ass and pussy pics, talking all nasty too. When I saw her out and about with this nigga, I walk up on them and made a huge screen lying about us fucking and everything. I even showed her the messages, but I made sure to delete the 1st set of texts I send him, so it look like he contact me first. She was all embarrassed, she broke up with him on the spot. I told her a few months later that it was all a lie, I laughed so hard in that bitche’s face.”

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