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Workplace Confession Submission 16

Confession Submitted By Paradise_Pussy

“So, I got this crush on this nigga that be coming to the job to do repairs. This nigga is fine as hell, he tall, got muscles to be dam and has nose piercing that is sexy as hell. He just don’t know I would fuck the shit out of his face. Because his nose is huge as fuck. Every time I see him, my pussy gets wet and I had to start packing extra panties. If I ever catch that nigga outside of work, I’m throwing my panties at and having him fuck me in the back seat of my car.”


Confession Submitted By Aqua_Pussy_Cancer

“So, my roommate thought she was slick and fuck my brother and give him VD. So, I took a picture of that bitch sleeping in her room and made it into a flyer and post it at her job and crazy glued it to her car, so everyone knows she has VD. I also included her phone number. When that bitch got home, I beat her ass and threw her out my house”


Confession Submitted by Money_Man_96

“So, this chic at the job wanted some weed, but she was strap for cash. So, I told her we could work something out. During lunch I had this chic eat my ass for that weed. How about this Bitch had herpes in the mouth. This bitch played me, and I can see about her, but then everyone would know how I got it. So, I just lace her weed with something special, so she remember not to play me ever again.”

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