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Workplace Confession Submission 14

Confession Submitted by Lonely_Stalker

“There’s this cute girl that I work with every night I follow her home. I leave anonymous notes on her car. I have a created a fake account so I can be friends with her. Her hair is so pretty, and she glows when she sleeps. Someday she will be mine.”


Confession Submitted by Strong_Wife_Status

“My husband tried to be slick and fuck some bitch at his job. Sorry ass hoe think she all that, well I got something for both of them. I packed up all his shit and left it at his job. She want him, she can have him. Sorry ass nigga, think he can do better, he don’t know that I started fucking his best friend soon as I found out he was fucking that cheap dollar general bitch.”


Confession Submitted by Unicorn_Pussy_Glow

“I was fucking with this nigga from my job right, he had that good stroke and head game on point. Last night I was at his crib and his Dad stop by and that nigga was fine as fuck, my dude had left and went to the store. Without missing a beat this nigga started spitting mad game. So, a bitch like me hop right onto that Daddy dick and I rode that motherfucker with skills. We finish in time, had he walked in just 5 minutes earlier he would have saw my phat ass bouncing on his Dad’s lap. Soon as he walked in, I bounce made up a quick lie and left. I got what I needed, now I’m fucking the Dad on the side.”

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