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Workplace Confession Submission 13

Confession Submitted by Pussy_Juice_96

“I’m the super for this apartment building, so one night I had to go looking for the maintenance man because a tenant complain about their heating system not working. So, I goes down to the basement and knocks on his door. I heard him say oh shit, and I hear stuff being move around. I banged on the door yelling out his name. When he opened it, his face was covered in sweat. I ask him what he was doing, and he claim to be sleeping. I ask him about the sweat and he tells me that he sweats in him sleep. I goes into his office and he forgot to close the window to the porn site he was on. I ask him was he jerking off and he look away, knowing he got busted. So, I go and grab his dick, that thing was throbbing in my hand. That nigga looked at me with a smile on his face. We fucked so hard and long that I forgot why I even came to his office. He had my pussy singing a new tune, from his head game to his stroke game. Had me moaning like a porn start and cumming like a nasty bitch. I never had sex that good in my life, had my pussy squirting in minutes and back to back.”


Confession Submitted by A1_Day1_Chick

“I was substituting for this high school and there was this fine ass gym teacher, he was 5’8 dark chocolate brother, his had dreads and a fresh ass bread. I know he was checking me out because he went out of his way to talk to me, like I was going to make some copies and he ran from the gym to the office just to say to Hi. So, I gave him my number and told him to call when he get off work. Got home and he text me first to see if I am home then he called, I told to come thru and lets chills. This nigga showed up and showed out, he starting kissing me at the door and eat my pussy right there too. When this nigga took his pants off, knowing he was packing a baby dick. I was so disrespected I took my dildo out the draw and told him to bend over. I strap on and fuck that nigga like the bitch he is. Either have the size for this ride or I’m taking a ride on that ass. He that nigga moan and screaming. He left my house barely able to walk. Funny shit is I recorded the whole thing, let that nigga try to stunt on me and the whole world will how he got handle.”


Confession Submitted by Rich_Bitch_Sag

“I had this student in my math class, and I couldn’t stand their mother, so I send him home with the toughest assignment and then act like I never gave them the assignment. At the end of the year I gave him an F grade and waited outside to fight his dusty as momma. Fuck that bitch”

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