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Workplace Confession Submission 12

Confession Submitted by Baby_Pup_ButterCup

“I love my Alpha; he fucks me so good and he’s my supervisor at the job. He stays calling me to his office so I can suck that big black dick of his. When we at home I suck his toes and once a day he give me his golden stream then I suck his dick again. When I act out, he puts me over his knee and smacks my ass with his big hangs, while forcing his figure into my hole just to hear me moan. After his workouts I lick the sweat of his body, taking my time to get every drop. I eat his ass for dinner, as the baby pup I serve the older pups from time to time. Ain’t no man better than my Alpha he big, black, and strong.”


Confession Submitted by Dom_Queen_Venus

“I make niggas bow down and kiss my feet, and suck on these toes. Give me that bank card it’s my money now. Kiss my ass and tell me how good it taste, put on my panties and wear them to work. Beg me to tie up and spit in your mouth. You like that shit you piece of shit, come eat this pussy. Awe you wanna bust the nut that you been hold for months, well too fucking bad. You like it when I spank you with this paddle right, yes you do. Keep screaming and I am puts these clamps on your nipples. Lay down I am stomp on your balls because it’s Woman History Month and I’m in a ball busting mood …. And that is how I got the money to buy my dream home.”


Confession Submitted by Leather_Master_Daddy

“I was at my chapter’s summer party when I saw one of my former coworkers. He was so nervous like a virgin in a whore house, he struggled to get to the bar too busy staring at everyone wear their leather outfits and pledges get fucked right there on the dance floor. I been wanting to fuck this nigga since I first saw him at the job, but I could never catch him alone to see what he’s all about. So, I walk to the bar stood behind him and whisper in his ear ‘How that ass taste nigga’ he turn around and his eyes got big as hell when he saw me standing their wearing leather gloves with my leather jacket and kilt. He was speechless, it was such a turn on. To see someone so new to this lifestyle, so I started kissing and licking his neck while rubbing on his dick that was definitely hard and throbbing. He let out the sexiest of moan. I took him to the bathroom and turn him out, I ate his ass, had him eat mine, I pissed all in his ass while fucking him that shit was coming out in between strokes. He moan so loud that a few of my homies heard and came to join in. That nigga got passed around that night, we finish with all us of cumming in his mouth and making his swallow every drop. Now that nigga comes once a week just to get a taste of my dick, I hope his husband doesn’t find out.”

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