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Workplace Confession Submission 11

Confession Submitted by 1stLady_Of_God

“I am the 1st Lady of my church and I have been using the church’s money to pay for my coke addiction. I know it’s wrong, but God knows my heart and forgives me. Well one of the sisters at the church started questioning about the money. So, I told her that on of the deacons has been acting strange and even miss service the prior week. Guess what this nosey bitch do, she calls the police on him stating that he stealing from the church and claimed to have seen him messing with the money. I should feel bad, but I got a line that will help me forget.”


Confession Submitted by Sexy_Lips_PussyEater

“Yo, how about my girl tried to play me, so I was eating her out one night and she started tasting funny and it was getting all wet and everything, but it just tasted funny. So, I got up and turned on the lights, yo this bitch done bleed in my fucking mouth. Dawg I was throwing up everything, I wanted to beat that bitch’s ass so bad. I told her take her bloody ass home and lose my number. That shit is so fucking disrespectful.”


Confession Submitted by Anime_God_Creator

“I was working for the Anime Convention as security. Let me tell you, it was my 1st time having to work this event and these bitches here were showing out. Wearing their favorite anime character costumes. This one chick was had on a Sataurki Kiryuin outfit, ass swallowed up the G-string and titties were on point. Yo, she was an ebony Goddess in that outfit. I approach shorty and have a little small talk, when she spoke I almost nutted on myself. She had a Portuguese accent and I was ready to kiss her feet and eat her ass right there in front of everyone. We exchange numbers and made plans to meet up later. So, I got to her room and my God she was wearing nothing, just titties out, pussy just beautiful all smooth and shaved. She gave me a drink and started sucking my dick. She was on it, licking my balls and everything I was embarrassed by how quick I nutted. She stands up and bends that phat ass over, I knew what to do that pussy tasted so good. I got every drop and made her squirt in my mouth, then she turns around and tells me to spit in her mouth. So, I did, I picked her up and fucked her on top of the table. She was moan in Portuguese, which turn me on, she was cumming all over my dick scratching my back the fuck up. I bust huge load in her walls, and she lock them legs around me, grab my neck and told me she’s not letting me go until I put her to sleep. I hit her with that third nut and her fine ass was out, sleeping with her mouth wide open so I stuck my dick in fucked her face and busted all down her throat.”

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