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Workplace Confession Submission 10

Confession Submitted by Big_Pussy_Freak_Queen

“I’m a big bitch that loves big dicks, especially ones that got a curve or lots of girth. My ex had a big dick, I talking 11.5 inches ladies the only downside was he didn’t what to do with it. All that dick and no magic, I try to educate him on some shit. This nigga gonna fix his mouth and tell me his exes had no problems with his performance. Honey, I told him most of those chicks he fuck were the size of my pinky toe. So, I fuck his friend on camera and send him a copy title “How to fuck a Big Bitch”, hopefully that helps him because I am too busy fucking his friend now.”


Confession Submitted by Your_Bitch_Side_Nigga

“I meet this chick at the gas Station, shawty look good as fuck. She was with her dude but that didn’t stop me. I spit my game and got her IG name; I wasted no time sliding into her DM. She was sending me ass pics, pussy videos, and wanting me to come fuck her brains out. I pull up to her crib, her dude had went out with friends. We fucked all over that bed, pulse shorty had no problem swallowing my load. I must have busted three times one in every hole. We meet up every time that nigga leaves town.”


Confession Submitted by Sexy_King_Master

“Yo, so there I was horny then a motherfucker at work. Just thinking about the broad that suck my dick like an All-Star Professional, yo she was doing with her tongue that my eyes roll back and toes curl. I mean my shit was rock hard, so I slipped into the bathroom and went to town in the stall. Well this nosey ass nigga was in the other stall watching me, I didn’t even know he was even in there. So, I told him to come finish Daddy off since he wants to be nosey. 1st off I’m dam secure in who I am and ain’t got no problem fucking a nigga long as I bust a nut it’s all the same, a hole to fuck. To my surprise nigga had a phat ass on him so you know, I busted one down his throat and tore that ass up with the second. Had that nigga moaning all loud and shit, I didn’t give a fuck. Afterwards I got dude’s number and told him while choking him. When I call, he better answer or I’m a fuck him in front of his wife.”

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