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Workplace Chronicles Part 1 "The Shade" Episode 2

Previously on the Workplace Chronicles, Byron meets Mildred who shows him around the company and dishes out the shade with a little Tea. He’s met Tednita, Larry, Ted, Logan, and Jason so far. In this episode the tour continues, and the shade is strong.

Byron and Mildred reaches the Accounting Department, Mildred takes a deep slight “Good Morning Jacob, this is Byron he new here”, Mildred said light shakings Josh’s hand.

“Good Morning Mildred, nice to meet you Byron.” Josh said giving Byron a firm handshake, Byron returns the firmness. Josh smiles

“Good handshake, welcome to the team. Which Department will you be working in?” Josh said,

“He’s working in my department.” Mildred said putting her hand in front of Byron

“We sure can use another person on the team.” Josh said,

“Well, if you stop sleeping your staff, maybe you be always needing another body on your team.” Mildred said sizing him up.

“Mildred why you gotta come for me today.” Josh said laughing off the comment.

“Oh God, it’s Mildred here to kill the mood”, Brianna said walking to Jacobs desk.

“Little girl don’t try it” Mildred said facing Brianna.

“Who is he, your son because he definitely ain’t your man” Brianna said then laughing,

“I see you show up to work on time today, bobbing for Josh’s ball again, girl I hope he pays you well” Mildred said making everyone outside the office burst into laugh.

“I know you not talking looking like a whale in a shower curtain”, Brianna said, and everyone stops laughing.

“Shower curtain or not, your pussy still looser than the Grand Canyon” Mildred replied, this time making Josh laugh. Brianna cut her eyes at Josh and he starts coughing like he’s clearing his throat.

“Let’s go Byron, it stinks of shame in here.” Mildred said leaving the room.

“Have a good day Mildred”, Josh said now fumbling with his desk.

“I can’t stand that little girl, that was Brianna. Larry’s other friend, that thing been her 4 years and still don’t know her job. At least she last longer then his last chew, that girl was gone after being here for a year.” Mildred said “You mind as well meet Tom our Executive Director, you can take this for what it is or not but don’t opt-in to the Company’s 401K plan.”

“I have my own. My parent’s set it up when I was in college” Byron said

“Good” Mildred said. Mildred was relieved to know that and did not want to push the subject. On the way to the Sales Department they meet Frankie Brown-Smith, who as always planning another event.

“Here come this fake bitch”, Mildred said

“Hey Mildred, how are you doing today?”, Frankie said,

“What do you want Frankie, what mess you planning now.”, Mildred said giving her the side eye

“Well, I am planning a company BBQ, and want to know what you will you be bringing…”

“Who said I was going to this mess, the last one you plan ended in a fight”, Mildred said, Byron had a look of concern.

“Who was fighting”, Byron said

“Who are you, Mildred is this your son. He is mighty attractive.” Frankie said moving closer to Byron

“My name is Byron” Byron said extending his hand out to Frankie

“Don’t touch that Banshee, she stay trying to sink her crawls into every black man she meets.” Mildred said push Byron hand away from Frankie

“Really Mildred, I will get him one day”, Frankie said smiling at Byron

“I don’t mess with white woman.” Byron said avoiding Frankie’s eye’s

“You heard him, he ain’t fool and don’t want know you”, Mildred said

“Whatever, see you at the BBQ, especially you Byron.” Frankie said leaving to spread word about the BBQ

“What does she do?” Byron said scratching his head

“She mostly plan company events, when she not sinking her teeth to any black man that notice her.” Mildred said

“Oh god I know that voice, Mildred do you ever do your job?” A voice said.

“All hell, this annoying bitch, that voice you hear is Annabell the compliance Manager. At least she think she is. Bitch hardly knows what anyone does but is always in Ted and Jacobs office telling on people.” Mildred said, waiting for Annabell to show herself.

“Good Morning to you too, Mildred. I am sure your books are in order I would hate to have to audit them.” Annabell said coming from around the corner.

“Good Morning Annabell” Mildred said, it is obverse that they do not like each other.

“Who is he, Why are you showing him around the building. You can’t be bring family or friends here.” Annabell said adjusting her glasses.

“This is Byron, he the new here and will be joining the Billing staff” Mildred said

“Oh, hopefully he knows what he’s doing.” Annabell replied

“More then you ….”

“Shouldn’t you be trying to catch up with your shoes, cause they running over to left” Annabell said with a chuckle

“Just like your husband ran over to a chick’s arms, left you broke, tired and stupid.” Mildred said

“Whatever Mildred, make sure he’s train well” Annabell said,

“You not my boss, stay in your imaginary lane.” Mildred said walking pass Annabell

“Nice meeting you” Byron said

“Whatever” Annabell said walking down the hall,

“That woman is up to no good, I can feel it in my bones. Keep your guard up around that one.” Mildred said shaking her head. “Let me show where you will be working, that’s enough with meeting people.” Mildred said. They reach the Billing Department, there Christina, Kathy, and Rochell hard at work. “This is where you will be working. Your desk is next to Rochell, Everyone this is Byron. He will be joining the team, please share your knowledge and help when needed.”

“Welcome young man, I’m Kathy, is Jesus your lord and savior?” Kathy said,

“Yes ma’am” Byron said

“Good, we need more God-fearing men here, too many daemons walking around here.” She said shaking her head.

“She about to start singing again.” Rochell said,

“I can only handle so much, where is my headphones.” Christina said, “I am Christina by the way” She said putting her headphones on.

“I am Rochell …” Rochell said,

“Take me to the ………”, Kathy starts singing interrupting Rochell, she just shakes her head and goes back to work. Mildred had one hand in the hear and rocking to the singing.

“You better sing that Kathy, fill these children with the spirit and cleanse them of the evil one” Mildred said. Kathy stands up as she sings, thankfully she can carry a tone and stay in harmony. Byron gets settle into his desk and Mildred begin to show him what he will be doing. Once Kathy finish singing Christina took her phones off and let out a sight of relief.

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