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Workplace Chronicles Part 1 "The Shade" Episode 1

Workplace Chronicles Part 1 The Shade Episode 1

Byron is a clam guy that is excited to be working at the Smith & Brothers Accounting firm. He walks into the building and Meets Mildred the Billing Department Manager. Mildred has a presence of a big mama; she is married for 25 years to her high school sweetheart. She is blunt and throws some serious shade. She introduces Byron to some of the staff.

“Hi, Byron is it? My name is Mildred, welcome to Smith & Brothers.”, Mildred said extending out her hand.

“Yes, nice to meet you. I hope I am not too early”, Byron said straightening his tie to hide his nervousness. “You good sug, let me show you around here.” Mildred said walking in front of Byron briefly telling him about the company as they make their way to the front desk and meets Tednita who was obviously having a personal conversation on the company phone. Tednita rolls her eyes at them as they approach the counter

“Good Morning Mildred”, Tednita said with a dry tone and attitude

“Good Morning Tednita, this is Byron he will be joining us in the Billing Department.” Mildred said with a fake smile

“Whatever, what do you want” Tednita said,

“Little girl don’t start with me today, pay this thing no mind.” Mildred said turning her head towards Byron

“Don’t do that, Welcome to the company and don’t listen to this bitter hag”, Tednita said showing a fake smile while handing Byron his badge.

“I got your bitter hag, you around the way bougie heifer. Let’s go young man.”, Mildred said taking the badge from Tednita an handing it to Byron.

“Nice meeting you”, Byron said as they left the counter. Tednita rolls her eyes and goes back to her phone call. Mildred takes Byron to the staff’s break area where around he meets Larry. Mildred just shakes her head at him.

“Hey, Mrs. Mildred” Larry yells across the room.

“Little boy, what the hell you got on your head.” Mildred said looking at him with concern.

“What, you don’t like it. It’s authentic human hair. Don’t hate Mrs. Mildred, who is hee?” Larry said extending his hand out like a southern girl at a ball.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Byron” Byron said not sure how to shake Larry’s hand.

“Hey Byron, let me know when you need a proper tour. I will be more then happy to show you around.” Larry said winking at him.

“Boy, he don’t want to see that tunnel you call an ass, leave him alone and go take that thing of your head” Mildred said raising her hand like a mother about to hit her child.

“Girl Bye” Larry says, spinning around and leaving, trying to walk a like he got hips.

“What am I going to do with that boy.” Mildred said shaking her head, “Come on, this as you can see is the breakroom and the gossip congregation. That heifer you met earlier, her, him, and another little girl name Brianna be in here talking about everybody. I don’t need to see that little girl today.” Next Mildred takes him to HR office, and he meets Ted. “Now this fine brother is Ted, he the Head of HR.

“Mildred, now we talk about making those comments” Ted said jokingly while moving around his desk to greet Byron.

“Just humor an old lady, I am not touching anything for now ….” Mildred giving Ted a wink and a slight chuckle

“Mildred” Ted said knowing that she means no heard, but know she was being partly serious.

“This is Byron, he is new here and will be working in the Billing Department” Mildred said touching Byron’s shoulder.

“Nice to meet you Byron”, Ted said. Ted is 6ft dark ebony brother with a deep voice. He gives Mildred a hug and she acts like a schoolgirl. “As Mildred said I run the HR Office, Logan is my assistant Manager. He is at lunch right now, hopefully you get to meet him later. We deal with complaints, payroll and workplace as well as personal issues that may affect work performance. If you have any problems let me know.

“I have a problem …”, Mildred said touching the top of her breast.

“Mildred, behavior yourself.” Ted said joking, while shaking his head. After Byron finish filling out his paperwork with HR. Mildred took him over to the security office, along the way they run into Logan who was leaving the gym.

“The company has its own mini gym, and this good-looking man is Logan. He is married, works with Ted in the HR office he is also the company’s nutritionist, so if you have any health questions go to him.” Mildred said looking Logan up and down. Logan is 5’10 Irish man, with full bread and bodybuilder frame. He is wearing gym clothes and had a towel resting on his shoulder.

“Thank you, Mildred, looking lovely today.” Logan said with a smile

“Flirt all you want; I am leaving my husband for you” Mildred said with her hand on her hip.

“You will always be the one that got away in my heart.” Logan said placing his hand over his heart.

“You trying it” Mildred said laughing at him.

“Nice to meet you …”, Logan said giving a fist bump to Byron.

“Byron, nice to meet you too.” Byron said returning the gesture. Logan smiles back at Mildred and leaves.

“He loves him some chocolate, but his wife is pale as snow. You didn’t hear this from me, I think he fucking that receptionist Tednita.” Mildred said in a whisper

“How do you know that” Byron said looking puzzled.

“Baby, I have been here for long time and I can tell when people at this job is fucking or plotting.” Mildred said, they reach the security office and only Jason was in there.

“Hey Jason, this is Byron the new guy.” Mildred said in a dry tone.

“Good Morning Mildred, nice to meet you Byron, I am the Head of Security. There are two others that work with me here.” Jason said

“Duh, can’t be the manager if it’s just you doing security” Mildred said, Jason puts his head down. Mildred gives him a hard time since he became manager.

“Be sure to have your badge on you at all times and if you have any problems give us a call. There are phone stations throughout the building as well as speed dial on your desk phones.” Jason said.

“Of course, he gonna call security when there’s trouble, he’s not security” Mildred said

“Yes Mildred” Jason said

“Mrs. Mildred, a man your age ain’t got no matters. I tell you, come on Byron let’s go before this man ruins your mind.” Mildred said motioning Byron to follow her.

“Have a good day Mrs. Mildred” Jason said as they left his office.

“Don’t pay that man no mind, he don’t know that I know he likes the lady boys” Mildred said cutting her eyes at Byron as if trying to send him mental messages.

“You mean Transwomen”, Byron said in a whisper

“Lady boys, where I am from that’s what we call them.” Mildred said not trying to raise her voice, showing a disgusted look on her face. They made their way to the Accounting Department.

To Be Continue ..............

Tune on Saturday for next episode.

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