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My Passion for Photography

As a child I would take pictures of my mother and sister. In the beginning, I used a disposable camera but later on I was gifted a camera while in High School. I took pictures of classmates and teachers. Once I finished High School and went into the military, I met a friend that would later be considered like family teach me more about photography. I soon became the Command Photographer and would take photos at all command functions.

I feel joy when I take pictures. Capturing a person’s smile, while they are enjoying life and the moment. Being able to witness life and capturing the moments that mean the most to a person. Seeing their reactions when they see the pictures, I have taken warms my heart. It lets me know; this is part of my purpose.

I love photography because it’s like a visual time capsule of history. I get to help preserve a part of history regardless of how large or small the moment is. It’s a space where you can smile and laugh at the time and be at peace. I have a strong connection when It comes to taking pictures and it feels so natural that I don’t have to force myself to do it.

I can use photography to paint the picture of my story. Showing that there is strength and beauty around us. Capturing moments in my life that mean the most to me have the biggest impact. “ A picture is worth a thousand words.” I take that to mean one picture can be used to tell so many stories and has the viewer experiencing many different emotions.

I see myself traveling and taking pictures of people whether they're just picking up the pieces in their lives or living the dream they always wanted. I see myself capturing those moments that anyone would cherish and helping to create many more. I see myself bringing out the inner light that people tend to hide.

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