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Dealing with Procrastination as a writer

Just imagine having a series of writing ideas coming to you and the urge to write them down before you forget and soon as you grab a pen to begin writing your phones goes off. It’s just a notification alert but you look at it anyway, then you spend the next 45 minutes to 2 hours scrolling through all your social apps. Then the ideas hit you again, you put down your phone and begin writing, but then you get thirsty, so you stop and go get something to drink.

Next, comes the phantom hunger, you known when you’re not really hunger but being that you are in the kitchen and just grabbed a drink; now you think you want something to eat. After fixing a quick meal you sit back down to enjoy your meal, while the paper you barely written on stares at you screaming for you to finish writing. While eating you start thinking about your favorite song, but you keep messing up on the words, so you go to your phone and look up the song.

In the process of looking for the song you find another video that catches your eye and you begin to watch that forgetting about the food you just made and the drink that is starting to warm up along with the paper that you started writing on. After watching 3 videos and singing along to 10 song you remember your meal that is now cold, and the drink that is now room temp next to the paper that is patiently waiting for you. You finish half the meal and grope down the drink; get back to writing. 30 minutes into you writing you now have to use the bathroom, so you grab your phone and head to the bathroom. A 5-minute bathroom trip turns to 2 hours scrolling through your apps again.

Now with one leg asleep you finish up in the bathroom head back to finish writing down your ideas and then the craziest thing happen. You forget what you was going to write about. So, you sit there for the next 45 minutes just staring at the paper trying to remember the ideas you had, but the only thing coming to mind is the videos you watch. Several days pass and the ideas have literary came to you at least 4 times and still not written down.

Now the mental self-talk begins about you needing to sit down write out these ideas and you end up doing everything else expect that. Eventually, you sit down and write the ideas and this sense of relief comes over you that it’s finally complete and then the thoughts of completes these ideas come into play and the cycle continues.

I face this battle on a daily basis, with days of large amounts of ideas coming to me only to distract myself from doing it. Until my mind is spinning like crazy from my inner voice telling to just do it and stop procrastinating. I have days where I can write for hours without missing a beat and I have days where I can barely get a paragraph done. Like even now as I write this blog, I have pick up my phone at least 5 times. I try not to be too harsh on myself at times, while also checking myself when I know I am just blowing something off. Most of the time it’s something that is so simple and beneficial to me, I just get in my head and let everything else going on take control.

Now I know I am not the only that has moments of procrastinating and then like a lightning bolt the mind is clear and all the things that were once push to the side is now getting done. There is hope and help for those of us that are having a hard breaking the habit of procrastinating. Want to know what it is ……. Realizing that time is does not go backwards and procrastination is only an excuse of fear. When that fear is face nothing can stop you from completing any task and/or goal.

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