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The Story Behind Shadow's Of My Pain

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Even though I have been writing for years, thought of publishing my works was dream and at the same time a nightmare. Not knowing what to expect once the book was publish and which publishing route to take. I looked up and research publishing companies as well as self publishing. Soon the information became overwhelming and my mind started created scenarios that ended badly. During my final year in College which was over 12 years since I told my family and friends that I was going be a published author. At the end of my last semester in school I had half of the book done and only thing that was left to do was finish a few short stories and write some new poetry to go with the stories.

The 1st draft was completed sometime in February and there were 3 more drafts after that; the book was ready to publish. I was excited and at the same time nervous because I had put some much of my energy and love into the book that I was worried it would not have a good impact. June I received my 1st proofs of the book and I was so excited and proud of myself. Just standing in my living room with the copy of my book with my words in my hand brought tears to my eyes that I have done. Despite the setbacks I was one my way to being a published author.

On July 11th, 2018 I officially publish my book and the feedback was astounding and worth the hard work, long nights, and constant rewrites. The title of the book came to me while in my backyard talking to my aunt Rose about the book, I had some other title ideas, but they didn't have the same depth as the title I went with. With the help of my good friend Sherice I was able to get the models and the picture of my book cover the way I envision it. She was a major component in my book cover coming together. I found the make up artist searching on a few websites and I am so grateful that I went with him because he did an amazing job. He took my idea and made it into a reality.

I chose to do a book on pain because it's something that everyone either hides or avoids. The purpose of the book is for people to know they are not alone, while showing that hiding your pain and not finding healthy ways to express could cause problems later in life. I hope this book gives you strength to face your pain and overcome it.

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